Club Monthly Draw

This is a great way to show your support to a local non-league football club, and it all helps in more ways than you might think.

Your  support and contributions are so beneficial to the club.

By participating in the Burton Monthly Draw, not only will you be giving yourself a chance of winning some of the many fantastic cash prizes that are up for grabs, but the great news is you will be helping support community and Academy related activities in Burton Latimer and surrounding area.

All proceeds of this draw will go towards the development of Burton Park Wanderers Football Club Both on and off the pitch.

  1. For a cost of £5.00 per month (i.e. per draw) you will be allocated one number. A member may hold more than one number each costing £5.00.
  2. Payment for participation into the monthly draw can be made by completing an application form. This can be done online via the Burton Park Wanderers website.
  3. To enter the draw go to the website fill out the online application form and the club will be in touch to confirm your number(s)
  4. Members tickets will be entered into the draw when the whole payment for that month is received by Burton Park Wanderers Football Club. The deadline for this is the 20th of each month. Failure to pay in time will result in your number not be eligible to win that month’s draw..
  5. A draw will be made every month with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.
  6. The prizes will total 45% of the annual income.
  7. This will be apportioned as: 1st prize of 30%, 2nd prize of 10% and 3rd prize of 5% for 10 out of 12 months.
  8. The Burton Lotto draw  is a private lottery and is open to all club members, supporters and friends. Anyone aged 16 or over can join. . If anyone is found to be under 16, they will automatically forfeit their right to a prize.
  9. Payments must be made by standing order (preferably annually £60.00 or £5.00 monthly) or any other means agreed with club treasurer. One month’s notice is required for cancellation.
  10. Member’s numbers will only be entered if their subscription is up to date.
  11. If a member has no valid reason for missing a payment, their number may be sold to someone on the reserve list.
  12. The draw shall be made on the last weekend of the month  Winning entries will be randomly drawn in the presence of at least one independent witness.
  13. Members are eligible to win more than once.
  14. The prize amount for each month will be announced prior to the draw each month and will be dependent on the number of valid paid memberships at that point in time. The prize fund is 45% of any money taken. The winners will be notified within one week after the draw by email or telephone number.
  15. A list of the winner’s names and winning numbers will be posted on the Burton Park Wanderers Football Clubs website and shared by our social media platforms and also displayed on the Noticeboards within the Clubhouse.
  16. Winners may be asked to provide a photograph or to be photographed in order to help Burton Park Wanderers Football Club promote the Monthly Draw.
  17. In the event that an individual has made a payment but has not been accepted or received a ticket, then that individual will receive a refund equal to the value of the payment received.
  18. In the event of new members joining /re-joining the lowest consecutive number following the last issued membership number will be used.
  19. In the event that you wish to cancel your Monthly Draw membership please e-mail Membership will be cancelled when received in writing
  20. The number draw club will be run by the Burton Park Wanderers FC. In case of any dispute the decision of the committee is final.

If you wish to enter:

 Please fill out the contact form below to register your interest or through the email or telephone number at the bottom of the page. You will receive a confirmation email with your number(s) and our bank details.

You will then be able to set up a standing order or direct debit securing your involvement in the Burton number draw.